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Brad Garrett himself:

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About Us

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club is proud to be open at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!  Our brand new venue is the epitome of class, customer service and old-school Vegas charm. 

Garrett, who is scheduled to join his fellow comedians for multiple performances throughout the year, says: “When I had the opportunity to build the ultimate comedy club at MGM Grand, I wanted a venue that captured the ambiance and style of the 1940s in New York. Those were times when renovated warehouses were turned into speakeasies and small theaters, creating an intimate atmosphere with great entertainment.

“My goal with Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand is to replicate famous New York night spots like The Copacabana, The Stork Club and Jilly’s. These were all clubs known for their top-notch entertainment and unparalleled customer service, something I know we’ll deliver at MGM Grand.”

 With its signature red curtains, an amazing staff, and the best comics on the national circuit, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club is THE place to be for comedy on the Las Vegas Strip!

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