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Maximum Hope Foundation

Since Brad Garrett founded Maximum Hope Foundation in 2007, it has offered urgent financial relief to over one thousand families caring for a child with a life-limiting illness.  Children with complex medical diagnoses often endure years of treatment, which can cause a huge financial strain for their families.  They are faced with loss of income and out-of-pocket medical costs that make daily living expenses difficult to meet.  Working diligently with hospital and hospice social workers, Maximum Hope provides financial help for necessities like rent, utilities, groceries, or gas.  The immediate, compassionate assistance we provide allows parents to remain focused on what is most important: their child.

Maximum Hope Foundation is a safety net for critically-ill children and their families.  

To learn more about Maximum Hope and how you can help, please visit: www.MaximumHopeFoundation.org.  You can also follow the foundation on Facebook at Facebook.com/MaximumHope or on Twitter @MaximumHopeKids.