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Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club has been proudly located at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas since opening its doors in 2012.  Our venue is the epitome of class, customer service and old-school Vegas charm.

Said Garrett, “When I had the opportunity to build the ultimate comedy club, I wanted a venue that captured the ambiance and style of the 1920s in New York.  Those were times when renovated warehouses were turned into speakeasies and small theaters, creating an intimate atmosphere with great entertainment.  We are now proud to be known for our top-notch entertainment and unparalleled customer service.  We deliver both nightly in the basement of the MGM Grand.”

With its signature red curtains, an amazing staff, and the best comics on the national circuit, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club is THE place to be for comedy on the Las Vegas Strip!



Does Brad Garrett perform every night?

No, all of Brad’s performance dates are listed on the schedule and are subject to change.  Currently, Brad performs approximately one to two weeks per month.  However, regardless of whether Brad is on the bill or not, there will always be three great comedians at every show.  We don’t like to brag, but we only bring in comics who are pretty darn awesome.  Come join us and see for yourself!

Is there an age minimum to attend the show?

Yes, due to Nevada liquor laws all patrons MUST be 21 and over.  No exceptions.

Do you serve food?

While we do not have a kitchen or a food menu, we do offer several flavors of popcorn (sweet and savory) made fresh and locally in Las Vegas, and offered for sale for your enjoyment.

Do you have a drink minimum?

No, unlike most comedy clubs we do not have a drink/item minimum.

Where is the club located within the MGM Grand?

We are located in the MGM Underground.  This is the pathway that leads from the hotel lobby to the parking garage.  You can access it via the main hotel lobby, just follow the signs down the escalator.  There is also a box office built into the club facade where you are welcome to pick up your tickets before the show.

Does the club sell merchandise?

Yes!  Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club hats, which have been hand-signed individually by Brad Garrett, are available for sale after each show and online via this website.  100% of the purchase price of each hat is donated directly to Maximum Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps critically-ill children and their families.

How long is a typical show?

Our shows are approximately 90 minutes long.

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